Friday, November 14, 2008

(Offtopic) Blender Game Engine

This Blender Game Engine looks quite promising.
I've been wanting to learn 3D modeling and such, and it looks like Blender is not only a full fledged modeling program, but it also has a fully featured game engine.

Learning this would allow me to learn modeling, animation, do scripting in python, and have blender do the work using Ogre and Bullet in the background.

/me needs to learn this.


Jarrett Billingsley said...

Good luck trying to figure out Blender's interface. A massive 2D array of text-only buttons does not an intuitive workflow make.

h3r3tic said...

I kinda feel guilty about Nucled when looking at the screenshots of Blender Game Engine... Some folks consider the graph-based shader editing a heresy, but doing *everything* with boxes and wires? Man that's too hardcore even for me...