Monday, February 16, 2009

BATCH files for Windows users...

For folks who do not want to use DSSS net or just want to install ArcLib / the examples from the trunk.

In ,

build-examples.bat - Builds all ArcLib examples
build-install-arclib.bat - Builds and installs ArcLib and all its extensions
uninstall-arclib.bat - Uninstalls ArcLib and all its extensions

A little time saver.

Arc Light now works on more graphics cards

There has been a recent fix by cyhawk of the dsource forums to make the lighting work on graphics cards that it previously did not work on. There has also been an improvement to set the filtering to linear for the penumbrae. In addition, the lightmaps have been updated to be more accurate and I've also added the python files used to generate those lightmaps, so folks can generate their own lightmaps at different sizes as they need.

Thanks, Daniel Darabos aka cyhawk! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Re-structured ArcLib for the last time

Re-install the ArcLib libraries + extensions, and in the code change




for all extensions.

All extensions will now go into the arc/ folder, similar to how Derelict works. Each extension has its own sub-folder. DSSS can install / uninstall extensions as need be, and ArcLib can now be as big or as small as the users want it, allowing them to pick and choose which features to use.