Friday, May 21, 2010

2nd to Last Status Update...

Hey All,

I'm in the real world now, where there is less time for just "what the heck why not" projects, I need to work with my time a lot more strategically now.

I've taken up Taekwando and Hapkido, heavily recommend martial arts to anybody.

I'm probably going to start some sort of open source web toolkit thingy soon :p

That's why this is the second to last announcement.

So I'm not doing D or ArcLib anymore, someone else can take over the project.

I guess I could give some simple advice to the D folks while I'm at it :p
A) Don't make the language a kitchen sink, purge ALL duplicate features and evolutionary stumps
B) Don't split your very small community
C) Make your language inter-operate with other languages

transmission = 2