Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free Mind - My Favorite Game Design Tool

Let's you map out all the ideas for your game on a tree, and export it to cool formats. A great tool for organizing ideas. I use it for trying to think of every possible feature to be implemented into my game, the levels, the setup of a level, the menu, etc. Once the mind map is complete and very detailed, it gives a really good solid foundation to start coding with. It also is a good tool to show how complex a seemingly "simple" idea is, and the feasibility of such an idea.

If you can't mind map it, you can't code it.

I'd suppose this would work well for any large software projects.


h3r3tic said...

I could never wrap my mind around mind mapping ;) It's probably due to the tools that are too restrictive IMO. Most don't even allow to insert multiline text properly or easily have images in the map nodes. Nothing replaces a good piece of paper (and/or CRC cards) and a pen/pencil for me. gVim might be ok for some simple notes, but otherwise no software will do - I like the specialized hardware ;)
Perhaps if someone designed a mind map application designed for touch screens / tablets / ms-surface then it could be more user-friendly.

Clay Smith said...

I think it is good for high level design, for low level design I always use note books.