Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hybrid now runs on the ArcLib Core

The Hybrid GUI has been ported to the Arclib Core from DOG.
The main issues in the process was deleting DOG and getting xf.input to run on top of SDL (thanks LeoD). In addition, I added input code to read in SDL's unicode characters. The only problem is that now when you type the backspace character, it inserts the backspace character instead of deleting text. The xf. imports were changed to arc.hybrid, as well. Besides calling"Title", 800, 600, 0);
while(true){ arc.input.process(); arc.window.clear(); <--hybrid code--> arc.window.swap(); }

and renaming the imports, all the code should pretty much work the same. Here are the examples I have working so far.

So, ArcLib now has a good GUI. Enjoy!