Friday, May 30, 2008

WCR Release v0.0 Main Menu

The first installment of a series of 11 releases, the first being the main menu.
I had to add a new shape to arclib, the drawRoundEdgeRect shape, and then I created a new GUI theme "WarCoders" and I created the mainscreen.xml for the GUI.

Below is a clickable thumb:

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I decided to steal the mars rover shot for my main screen because it looks nice, its a robot on a foreign planet, and that planet is Mars. I made the title text with as well, and am using a dungeon.ttf for my main screen font.

There is an options button, but currently doesn't work. I'm hoping I'll have time to get to it at the end, but it is not really too important.

While I won't host on dsource as its own project, it will be hosted here for backup: . This folder has all the dll's and exe required for windows users, btw, so if you want to svn up along, feel free. *nix users, you are good at compiling ;)

I'm writing the code from scratch but taking inspiration from my TankWars setup, which seperates game media and game source, and then moves the exe to the game media folder after a successful build.

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