Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maintainance fix ...

ArcLib GUI now works well. The light demo doesn't crash, and I will soon make a lighting extension.

Current arclib + extension features...
1. 2d physics
2. gui
3. freetype font rendering
4. openal sound/music
5. particle fx
6. sprite

To be soon done
1. 2d lighting

"WarBots" blockers are now...

1. Simplified scene graph
2. In-game text editing component

Networking would be nice too, but not necessary.


LMZ said...

Networking would be nice too, and necessary. =) (IMO, games without network support, like PC without internet)

Clay Smith said...

Yea, but there are a lot of games that do fine without an internet connection :)

I would like it, but probably will not bother.