Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TankWars Update...

Here is a little update on my semester long class project that is now 'officially' started.

The TankWars main screen is pretty much complete, it just needs a 'resume' button and a title. It has a 'New Game' button, an 'Editor' button, and an 'Exit' button. When the new game button is pressed, it takes you to a screen that shows a TileMap in a world transform node that can be controlled with the players keys.

Nothing too fancy yet...

I myself am semi-new to the scenegraph in Arc, I havn't really done too much with it until now. I got myself running with it pretty quickly from the scenegraph test, however. The scenegraph is probably not the most newbie friendly concept, and today I thought that it might help to store a scenegraph scene in an XML file and have some sort of scenegraph builder program. It would shorten the users code dramatically, and the scenegraph could be seen visibly as it should be. Until then, ArcLib users need to be pretty proficient in programming to use it.

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