Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Current Development Highlights ...

1. ChristianK was able to figure out the problem with one of the D files crashing. Apparently it has to do with forward references and enums, and putting an enum in its own file fixes the problem. For the curious, here is the actual bug link.

2. Box2d is almost able to compile, there are just a few last minute memory management codes that need to be implemented and some other small fixes in b2World before it will be able to compile. After it can compile, then the next stage is getting it to work.

3. When working on my TankWars game, I ran up against an OPTLINK bug. Thankfully, that was fixed by using the beta linker found in the bugzilla issue. All that is done for the project is the project layout and a simple 'main screen' for the game with 3 buttons, New Game, Editor, and Exit.

4. I'm really busy. Most of my time will go to my new TankWars project I'm working on for a class, and if I do get any free time, I will be working mostly on the Box2d4d port.

5. ChristianK has implemented some really sweet particle effects in the current development version of arc & asteroids.

6. Tango's logging system is really nice. Each module can have it's own logger, and each logger is part of a tree hierarchy, so you can grab a hold of the root logger and then output all the information of each logger anywhere you want, I like to use the FileAppender. The output looks like this.

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