Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ArcLib v.03 GUI-Physics-Refactor release

Dear D community,

I would like to announce the latest release of ArcLib, Arc v.03 GUI-Physics-Refactor release. See http://www.dsource.org/projects/arclib/report/6 for full list of work done on this release.
The greatest changes were made to the structure of the project. Also includes the joystick support, camera, per pixel collision detection, sprite, and 2d lighting system.

See http://dmedia.dprogramming.com/?n=Tutorials.ArcIntro for getting started with D and ArcLib.
The real purpose of this release is that I finally got everything working and cleaned up in the trunk. I had ported the hybrid GUI, but don’t have time to support it because of the massive amount of code and my lack of familiarity with the system. I will also drop scenegraph unless others want me to keep it.

I will now create the stable branch.
- Clay