Monday, February 11, 2008

GlazeD, Chipmunk --> ActionScript 3.0 --> D

Alright, so box2d4d is a no go because it is impossible for Mason and I to debug. If somebody else can figure it out, feel free.

So, Mason found an Action Script 3.0 port of Chipmunk, except that it doesn't support joints. We are now trying to convert it to D, and it does compile but we haven't had the chance to figure out if it works or not.

As usual, I kept my habit of making doc comments. Here are the Ddocs.

So, hopefully this one will be easier to debug because it is simpler, and this one at least supports polygons.

Then, if we get it to work, Mason will base his rb2d efforts off of glazeD and add various features and things to it over time.

And, the big picture for me is, that I will have a physics engine in native D that I can integrate into ArcLib, that I won't have to maintain or add new features to myself.

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